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The Fundraiser

Your organization will "Make a Mint"

The "Make a Mint" Fundraiser is the best fundraiser out there. We've all dealt with the hassle of order forms, product shipping waits (6-8 weeks), items stored in our own freezers, but NO MORE!


U.S. Mints will consign two cases (12 tins) per participating student; NO MONEY UP FRONT. They go to the same people to whom they always go, i.e. family and friends. Sell two cases, only 12 tins, and they're done. Quick and easy. 50% of the $20 sale price is your profit. Simply return any unsold tins.                   


Our Fundraiser works with any organization (not just schools). We deliver; You sell.

Simple and easy for everyone.

order forms


For every 100 participants selling only 12 tins, you make $12,000! 

That's how you "Make a Mint"


The Candy

The Most Important Detail

Let's face it... We ALL like candy. Some more than others, but who doesn't like a peppermint? These puff mints are delicious for any adult or child who has the pleasure of eating one (or 3!).
Each tin is full of individually wrapped, delicious puffs.


The Can

Patriotic Pride and Joy

Our tin can is a big part of our business. From the glossy finished images of our constitution and national bird to our unique embossed lid based on our country's Walking Lady Liberty silver dollar coin (with a few changes), our eye catching can is yet another reason to buy the product. Tin is the world's number one reused packaging and is usable for anything after every mint is gone.


The Constitution

Our Country's Foundation

Every one of our tin cans not only includes delicious candy, but also, an attractive, pocket size constitution. Perfect for learning at home or on the go. America's true founding is contained herein and we are proud to provide a copy with the sale of each tin.
You have every right to love it!

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